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Pacific People is committed to supporting individuals, companies, organisations and their employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. Register your expertise, access our resources and learn about other ways we can help you through this time. We are all in this together.

Local knowledge.
International Reach.

Pacific People is the one-stop shop for any company or organisation across the private, development and public sectors seeking HR and Business solutions from a team you can trust.


Tailored services to suit your needs

Pacific People offers five core service products to support your business needs.

Talent Acquisition

We have a broad range of recruitment solutions to suit your workplace needs. From advertised recruitment, executive and board search to recruitment process outsourcing, we have the skills, networks, technology and expertise to deliver high quality support. We are here to meet your recruitment needs sourcing local, regional and international talent at middle/senior/executive management and specialist levels across all sectors.

Organisational Development

We will advise and assist our clients to focus and improve on the effectiveness and productivity of their people, systems and processes, to make their workplace more results oriented. Our approach will be to undertake an assessment of your organisation’s needs and recommend interventions to improve organisational effectiveness.


Our experienced consultants will work with clients to design and implement highly effective rewards strategies that support business strategy and will help to attract and retain quality talent. We believe in leveraging financial as well as non-financial rewards to engage and motivate your people.

Leadership Development

We believe that strong and effective leaders are critical to an organisation’s long-term success. To this end, we will help our clients to develop and implement a strategic as well as personal leadership agenda, to empower their leaders to lead their organizations into the future with confidence.

Business Advisory Support

The right advisory support can help your business rise to the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by today’s complex business environment. We will provide expertise to help clients address their business issues and opportunities by assisting with strategic planning, risk management and corporate governance.

Becoming a client of Pacific People

How we can support you

End-to-end recruitment support for all sectors

We have the skills and expertise to deliver a complete end-to-end recruitment service including developing and publishing position descriptions, reviewing the candidate database/receive applications, screen, interview and conduct candidate due diligence before presenting final candidates to clients.

Providing high quality recruitment support

Vacancies for highly coveted jobs can receive hundreds of applications that are onerous for internal HR teams to filter. Pacific People is here to provide high quality support to in-house HR teams, helping them overcome obstacles and recruitment high quality local, regional or foreign talent.

Encouraging labour mobility within the region

Labour mobility is a win-win for countries both sending and receiving skilled professionals. Not only does it help address workforce shortages and boost economic activity, it provides additional opportunities for skills development.

Enabling diaspora to return to work in their home countries

By highlighting a range of attractive opportunities throughout the region, Pacific People aims to enable the return of diaspora to their home countries. With our executive focus, this is an important target market as we seek to fill positions at multinational corporations and organisations, boosting workforce development and economic growth.

Focus on cross-cultural collaboration and partnership

We understand the importance of fostering long-term partnerships that provide valuable skills, resources and networks. By building relationships based on mutual trust and respect, we can source high quality talent to fill specialised roles.

Strong track record of recruitment and mobilisation

Pacific People is powered by AVI, an organisation that since 1951, has partnered with more than 3,000 local organisations to build capacity of businesses, governments and NGOs through culturally appropriate people-to-people skills transfer and expertise in Fiji and the region.